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Mindful Second

See how just a couple of seconds of mindfulness in between browser sessions can make you more relaxed, less stressed, and happier!



Studies have shown that using electronic devices for 3+ hours can be as stimulating as a cup of coffee. Giving yourself quick, frequent breaks can keep you calm.



Mindfulness has been shown to decrease procrastination and prevent burnout, giving you the energy to keep working at your maximum potential.



Mindfulness can be tricky to learn, but using this extension gives you plenty of chances to practice each day. The more you practice, the more you learn.


Heart Health

Our studies have shown that the Mindful Second extension has a positive effect on HRV, or Heart Rate Variability, by reducing workplace stress.

Mindful Second Is

Free and Open Source

Mindful Second is and always will be free. We are passionate about promoting mindfulness and strive to keep Mindful Second free to use, ad-free, and open-source.



"I started using Mindful Second to take mindful breaks throughout the day. I noticed at the end of the day that my Fitbit logged my heart rate was slower and more steady."


College Student

"I’m a student and started using Mindful Second to reduce stress during study periods. I found it to be so helpful and I love how simple and cozy the app feels."


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