A simple way to be more mindful.

How We Got Started

Mindful Second was a creation that was formulated off the idea that mindfulness can be done anywhere, at anytime.

Mindfulness has so many benefits and we wanted to find ways to integrate it during the busiest times of the day – when we’re working.

Our research has found that mindfulness is needed within work or school environments. With a simple mindful breath at the beginning of each new tab opened, we can be more consciously aware of our breath during a busy workday, reducing stress, anxiety, and procrastination in the process.

What We Do

Our business does three things: develop and maintain a free mindfulness tool for personal use, consult businesses on mindfulness practices, and contribute to research in the field of mindfulness.

Our Goals:

Keep Mindful Second free forever

Improve work and school environments around the world

Contribute to mindfulness research

Decrease the negative effects of electronic devices